Kirkpatrick Family Fund Grants $20,000 to Upward Transitions

Upward Transitions received a grant of $20,000 from the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation that will be used for assisting clients with services addressing poverty in Oklahoma County.

Upward Transitions’ CEO, Periann Pulliam shared, “We are so grateful and honored to receive this generous support from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund. The grant will allow us to continue making a meaningful impact on the lives of families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless, through our community outreach program.”

For over 95 years, Upward Transitions has touched the lives of Oklahomans in need. Upward

Transitions’ mission is to prevent generational poverty through community collaboration, emergency relief and empowerment, therefore inspiring hope with families and individuals experiencing housing instability.

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund, founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick in 1989, has long stood as a community partner and major philanthropic backer of Oklahoma City’s cultural, artistic, and educational institutions. Kirkpatrick Foundation distributes approximately $3 million annually in grants and charitable activities, and to date has given more than $67 million.

Upward Transitions is an Oklahoma County non-profit that serves families and individuals who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or stranded by providing case management and stabilizing resources to help meet basic social needs.

To learn more about Upward Transitions, go to or contact Karla Stinnett, Interim Director of Development and Public Relations at 405-232-5507 or

Help end generational poverty.

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