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Community Outreach

Our services provide assistance to families and individuals who face threats to financial stability. In many cases, Upward Transitions can provide a short-term financial bridge in the form of emergency assistance and access to community resources to maintain stability. Eligible families may work with case managers on a long-term basis to increase and develop skills that can provide a sustainable income. Case managers work closely with these families to create a plan with goals that address specific needs and create the means to avoid future homelessness.


Homeless Prevention

Utility Assistance

Rent Assistance

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Homeless Services

We are working with our partner agencies to provide for the needs of our mutual clients without the client having to come to Upward Transitions in person. Individuals who are homeless should discuss the need for a referral to Upward Transitions services with their case manager, advocate, or counselor at the shelter or transitional housing where they reside or agency which provides them with healthcare, mental healthcare, rehabilitative services, etc.

Individuals who are homeless and working to regain their independence can turn to Upward Transitions for help.

Our services provide the following forms of assistance:


An Upward Transitions’ Partner Agency must email our Verification of Homelessness and Referral to us for any individual seeking the following services: birth certificate retrieval, obtaining state ID, and transportation for employment purposes.

Ways to attain a referral:

Help end generational poverty.

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